Dog Boarding – The Kennel Alternative!

Our Pet Hotel and Training Center at 1639 Charlton Road.


Ben and Nancy’s Pet Hotel and Doggie Daycare

When dropping your dog off at a pet care facility, have you ever wondered if you are making a good choice?

With many pet care options to consider for your dog, our Pet Hotel and Daycare offer some key advantages:

  • We take a lot of pride in creating a home environment that is the complete opposite of the chain link, concrete and non-stop barking of a kennel environment.
  • My wife and I have been training dogs professionally for decades and have made a study of canine behaviour.  We know how to ensure dogs are in the “comfort zone” when they are in a new environment.
  • My family and I live on a fenced 5 acre hobby farm 10 minutes outside Victoria which includes two acres of forest to explore and a creek to play in!  As there is always work to be done on the property, we are often outside for hours daily and are happy to have a little pack of dogs in tow, playing with each other and enjoying their surroundings.
  • Our 2 teenage daughters, Chloe and Jaling, are also very much involved in the day to day operations of our Pet Hotel and Daycare.   They often have 4-5 dogs in their bedrooms at night (and usually a couple snuggled right into bed with them)…

Our great staff team still do the majority of our Pet Hotel and Doggie Daycare in their homes and provide excellent care. Please contact us for more information on options.

So how do you know you have made the right choice to have your dog stay with us?  On your next visit here, as you turn up our driveway, you will notice some very excited tail wagging from your pooch!

Contact us for more information.