You may choose the best days and times to suit your schedule.

Available Months: October-November and May-June
Available Days: Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
Available Times: 10.45-11.45 am

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT? Each dog will receive two to four sessions (each session is approximately one hour long)

WHO WILL TRAIN YOUR DOG? Students in Ben’s 12 week Professional Dog Trainers Program, under the careful instruction of Ben and/or his senior staff. Tell us what problems you need help with! Barking, biting, jumping – we can help!


To Sign Up Email:

Please include your home and cell number, the times you would prefer and any relevant information about your dog.
When you contact us, you will receive more details such as what to bring, which training venue is closest to you etc.
Please remember that the students rely on the dogs that are signed up, so please don’t book unless you can attend.

At the first class of each group session we cover some very helpful information on problem behaviour prevention, safety and motivational training methods. Sessions are from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Please contact us for start dates. No dogs at these sessions – please bring pen and paper instead.

check out these video clips to get pointers you can try with your dog:

  1. If you have a young puppy or dog with no training
  2. If you have an adult small dog with some training
  3. If you have an adult medium-large dog with some training

CLICK HERE for free video instruction

Enroll your dog in Doggie College! This option isn’t 100% free but will cost you nothing and possibly give you a positive cash flow if you have a room to rent.

The current cost of Doggie College is 1500.00 but can be offset by the income you can make by housing a student while they attend our 12 week Professional Dog Trainers Program. Students pay approximately $500-$1200 / month for a furnished room or self enclosed suite depending on size etc. Food can be added for an additional charge. The average age of students is 35 and most are females. Approximately half the students come without dogs but would be happy to live with yours!

You can also arrange to have our student transport your dog to and from class each day which will save you time and gas money! If you have your dog in daycare, this option is a no brainer as it costs less and your dog will be attaining a great level of training!

To learn more about Doggie College click here.

Option #1: Group Session Refresher
Join us for all, or part, of the next group session, which runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings at 7:00 pm. Take as many or as few sessions as you need – it’s your call!

Option #2: Ben’s Training DVD’s
These teaching tools are packed with information and are available to you any time you need a “refresher.” Let us know when it is convenient for you to stop by and pick them up.

Option #3: DVD Party!
Ben brings the drinks and cookies – we have also done potlucks, which have been lots of fun. We have some amazing new footage we would enjoy sharing with you. As soon as we have 10 people signed up, we will contact you to set a time and date. Please let us know if you would prefer a day or evening party.

Ben Kersen & The Wonderdogs