Professional Dog Trainer’s Program: Correspondence

Many dog enthusiasts would love to learn the art of dog training as a career, but simply can’t make the trip to Victoria to learn directly from Ben himself. By combining DVD instruction, web cam feedback on your technique, direct communication with Ben and his staff and the opportunity to visit us in Victoria, you will receive a solid foundation in understanding canine behavior and training. Ben’s correspondence course offers you the opportunity to become a professional dog trainer with the flexibility of learning at your own pace. All this while in the comfort of your home!

Once you’ve done your research online, you will realise that the majority of correspondence programs are not taught by dog trainers, they are offered by business people.   They’ve pulled material together from various dog “experts” and put it all in a shiny package for the unwary consumer. These are not government accredited educational institutions such as ours.  Also, if you check our competitors websites, you will rarely if ever, find any authentic video footage demonstrating unique training methods.  Have you viewed the videos on our website?  If not, click the links below to view clips you won’t see when comparing programs.

You will be guided through several levels of Obedience Training to ensure your success when handling any breed of dog. In addition, this course utilizes a variety of teaching methods which cover many of the same commands taught to students participating in Ben’s 12 week Professional Dog Trainers Program in Victoria.

Ben’s correspondence program provides all students with the following:

  • Bens Professional Dog Trainers Manual. You will receive information that will prove invaluable when starting your new career.
  • 9 DVD’s that have taken Ben over two decades to produce! These videos show you step by step all of the key ingredients to Ben’s training philosophy. You will learn to use the same techniques as shown in the DVD’s to get amazing results with your clients’ dogs! Click here for complete details.
  • Feedback when training your own dog (or a friend’s dog) via web cam or by uploading your footage online. This is a unique opportunity to have Ben and his staff carefully watch your training skills and offer valuable insight and feedback that will make you the best dog trainer you can be.
  • A minimum of 3 hours of one on one time with Ben or a senior instructor by phone, in person or by email to discuss any part of the course.
  • A trained Wonderdog by the end of the course! You will you be learning to train dogs, but you will also have a highly trained dog by the completion of the program. Whether you use your own dog, a friend’s dog, or a dog from a rescue shelter, you will learn all of Ben’s trade secrets and have an amazing dog to show for it. You can work with as many dogs as you want while taking the program, however it is recommended that you take one dog throughout the entire training process for best results and consistency.
  • An invitation to spend a minimum of 3 full days with Ben and his class during the Professional Dog Trainers Program to gain even more hands on experience. This is optional for all correspondence program students. You will also have the option of spending extra on site days in Victoria for an additional fee.
  • Free follow up with Ben to ensure success after you graduate by email, conference calls and access to Ben’s facebook group exclusive to graduates from his program. Talk to any graduates that have completed Ben’s programs and you will find Ben makes time for them years after their course is completed at no additional cost as their success is his success!
  • We know that our correspondence students will be thrilled with the results and education they receive from our program.  That said, should any student not be 100% satisfied, they have an option that no other correspondence programs offer.  All students will have the option of transferring the majority of the tuition they have paid towards our on-site, full time program. Contact us for full details.
  • Certificates are awarded to all those that successfully complete the program.


Hey Grads!

I am happy to invite you to join my new PTP Graduates facebook group. I hope this will enable me to stay in touch with you and share information that will help your career prosper. Some examples that will be up on facebook within the next few days are:

  • An insurance policy available to grads throughout BC and the YUKON, with a very low cost and extensive coverage
  • Permission to use all of my copyrighted written material at no charge (with a signed agreement)
  • Monthly Skype conference calls with me, giving you a chance to get answers to any questions you may have (free of charge)
  • Links to new forums of interest such a site created by Monika (a grad from 2009) which reviews new dog products.

If you are not already a member, join today! .

Best wishes,
Ben, Nancy and Staff


Future Careers for Canine Specialists are in Demand!
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Program Curriculum:

Trainers Checklist
What you need with you when you’re on the job

Safety Theory
All the information you need on keeping you and the dogs you are handling safe at all times

Responsible Dog Ownership
Information to share with your clients on what it takes to be a responsible dog owner

Group Session Lesson Plans
Lesson by lesson detailed class plans that have taken Ben decades to produce.

Theory notes on Advanced Obedience Training
Indefinite Long Down
Invisible Down Command
Off Leash

Group & Individual Training Contracts
It would be very difficult for you to imagine the time, effort and money we have put into creating the contracts that we use on a daily basis with our clients. When you enroll in our program, you receive the most updated versions of these contracts.

Walking Exercise
Complete on leash control with no pulling – ever!
Complete off-leash control in any situation

Sit Command
Hand Signal Only
Voice Only
Holding position under heavy distraction (using toys, treats, dogs, people)
Holding position from 600+ feet
Response while in Motion

Down Command
Hand Signal Only
Voice Only
Holding position under heavy distraction (using toys, treats, dogs, people)
Holding position from 600+ feet
Response while in Motion
Indefinite Long Down (1 hour +)
Invisible Down Command

Come Command
Hand Signal Only
Voice Only
While Playing (with a person, a toy or another dog)
Response from 600+ feet
Response under heavy distraction

If students are able to come to Victoria, they will also learn the following:

Heel Command
On and Off-Leash
Straight Heel
Fast and slow
Start/Stop with automatic Sit
Circle right and left
90 degree right and left turn
180 degree right and left turn
Third degree
Automatic Heel (hand signal, no voice)
Zig Zags
Tight circle right and left
Heel hand signal only from a distance
Heel on the spot right and left
About turn towards dog

Down to Sit Command
Hand Signal Only
Voice Only

Commands while in Motion
From a walk or run
By handlers side and at a distance
While playing with another dog or person

For years, students have come to Ben from Europe, Southeast Asia, the USA and all points in between to learn how to become a Professional Dog Trainer. Ben’s training has made news across North America and his institution is still the only Government Accredited dog training program in Canada . With all the information and assistance this program offers, you have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a healthy and profitable future career as a professional dog trainer. We are available to answer any questions you may have, so why wait?! This is the time to make your move to start a career doing something you love!

Contact us today to get started!