Professional Dog Trainers Program

Guest Speakers – Feedback from Students

Advanced and Specialized Training – Bob Aaron

“What can I say! Refreshing, entertaining, and I would love to meet him in person. He obviously has a talent which many may not understand or put into practice but that’s what makes it so unique and interesting. Again, someone who really makes you think about the possibilities of doing things differently than the norm.”

“Bob was such a funny guest speaker I don’t think I’ll ever forget the conversation we had with him. It was interesting to hear what he thought about dog training and the perspectives he took. It’s good to get reminders from speakers like him of the different avenues you can go especially with a dog who is a thinker instead of other more high drive, obedience dogs. My dog Rocky has very little prey drive and so I was especially interested in the training Bob did with Rupert as I could apply some of those concepts to working with Rocky. Overall Bob was amazingly entertaining and interesting.”

Nutrition – Andy Templin – Eagle Pack Dog Food

“I was very impressed with the information that Andy from Eagle Pack shared with us. It opened up our eyes to the differences between dog foods and how they are manufactured. It gave us the knowledge to make informed decisions about what we want to feed our dogs by giving us the understanding of the contents, and what the labels actually mean. For example the differences between chicken, chicken by product meal and chicken meal. What you think would be the best, especially if listed first, is not necessarily so! The lack of knowledge is widespread and getting advice from advertising or even your vet may not be the best choice. He gave us an information package to take and lots of free samples which were much appreciated by students and their dogs! I have personally changed to using this product for my dog and cat and feel much better about what I am feeding them.”

Doggie Daycare – Debra Saunders- K9-HQ

“I was very impressed by the facility. I wasn’t expecting as nice a place as it was indoors. We talked for awhile and then went in with the dogs after they woke up from their “quiet time.” Watching them interact with the dogs and seeing how thing ran was great. The staff was very aware and attentive of what was going on. She was open about her operating costs, business information, and answered all questions.”

“Seeing the doggy daycare in action was very helpful as an introduction to different business ideas and just general knowledge of stuff going on in the doggy world. The facility was very well run and to be honest it was fun just to get to play with a bunch of cute doggies instead of train them. I think it’s important for us as dog trainer’s to know about other dog businesses even if we don’t open them ourselves because we will most certainly have clients who will ask us about them. I really like the opportunity for us to talk to others in the industry and I thought K9HQ was great.”

Police Dogs – Jim Simpson

“It was really nice to get to talk to Jim simply because he had both a background in police dogs and schutzhund so we were able to compare and contrast the similarities. Jim had a lot to offer and I’m sure we could have spent hours longer with him.”

“I very much enjoyed our afternoon with Jim. It was really interesting to learn about the police dogs and how they started and changed over the years. The stories were great and the day was very informative.”

Schutzhund Dog Sport – Erin Simpson

“Meeting with Erin was totally awesome! She had loads of information and I really liked getting to see the schutzhund trials on video. We also got talk about the challenges of running a program like PTP and about her strategies for training. It was nice to hear, for example, how she trained dogs to heal using longer methods. Erin ‘s knowledge was really sound and I wish we could have spent even more time with her because she had so much to tell us.”

“Spending time with Erin was great. She gave a very good over view of Schutzhund clubs, how they work, what the disciplines are, judging, how the ideas originated, etc. I enjoyed watching the videos and came away with a greater admiration for the accomplishments of dogs and trainers. . It makes me admire the dedication and time that it takes to get the dogs to this level.”

Sheep Herding – Martha McHardy – Marcar Border Collies

“That was amazing! To watch the jobs that the dogs performed and to see how happy they were was great. Unfortunately you can also understand better how so many dogs end up in the wrong homes. She had us be handlers and dogs to get an idea how to move the sheep. She showed us different levels of the dogs she has in training and we saw Joey’s Uncle at work! She imparted a lot of information and was very passionate. We had to almost interrupt her to ask questions as she admitted she could go on all day! Her explanations of getting the dogs to a balance of obeying commands while being able to think on their own and make decisions, and also learning through making mistakes, gave a good understanding of how working dogs get to such a high level. Very enjoyable experience!”

“Our trip to see Martha’s dogs and herding was really great. I love getting to learn about different areas of dog training and really think it makes us students much better rounded dog trainer’s even if we don’t go into that particular field. It also gives us the opportunity to find out just where we want to go with our dog training. Martha was highly knowledgeable and her exercise in having us herd the sheep was fun. She was a great guest speaker and I think all of the future PTP students would benefit from meeting with her.”

Veterinarian – Dr. Jay Rolfe

“Meeting with Dr. Rolfe gave me some really good practical notes to take about what to have a in first aid kit and what problems we could encounter out in the field. What I thought was most valuable was just to have the opportunity to sit down and ask a vet lots of questions and get a lot of him time. I always feel rushed with my actual vet and it was great to be able to slow things down and get an expert opinion.”

Animal Control – Ian Fraser

“Ian and Christine were great. She did most of the tour and both answered all of our questions, toured the complex and showed us the van and equipment. Told us stories, gave us ideas on municipal rules and regulations and how licensing etc. worked. We also got stats on animals and how problems are handled etc.”

“Our field trip to animal control was interesting and worthwhile. I got some good information about how animal control works.”

Grooming – Krista Randall – Krazy K-9s

“I can see why her clients and dogs love her. She was great with the grooming information and very open about the details of her business, what she charges etc. She gave us a good basic knowledge to get our feet wet.”

“All of my interactions with Krista have been exceptional. I find that her personality and teaching methods are highly effective. She is very open to showing us little tricks or drills and asks us what we would like to learn. She is also able to repeat concepts that we have heard but restated in a different way. I really have liked getting to work with Krista and find her quite knowledgeable as well as likeable.”

Pet Shop Management – Julie – Pets West

“Julie was great! She set it up so we could cover whatever we wanted given examples of what other students had wanted to talk about. She asked each one of us what we planned to go into so she would know what directions to take. She set up an area for us to make us feel welcome without (hopefully!) taking up too much of her store. She was enthusiastic and answered all of our questions and gave us some good insights as to what to think about when starting our business.”

“At first I wasn’t sure what exactly I would get out of going to a pet store but it ended up being quite good. Julie was very informative and the trip was of definite value. This field trip helped me to explore the idea of cross promotion and maintaining important business relationships with other dog related businesses.”

Website Creation and Design – Scott Rose

“Scott was well prepared with what he wanted to cover and obviously knows his stuff. He gave us lots of information without getting over our heads. He made us realize how important having a website will be for our business and some good ideas of what should be on a site and I feel like I will be able to get an easier start with the information he shared.”

“Scott was a good guest speaker in that he had a lot of knowledge on his area of expertise and was really organized and succinct. I feel really lucky that we were the first group to get his talk and valued it. His presentation was good introductory starting point and I’m glad we got to meet with him.”

Agility – Gerry Sloan

“I found Gerry very informative and easy to ask questions to. He gave us the history and overall view on the sport of agility and then walked us through tips for competing within the sport. He then instructed each of us with our dogs through the obstacles. As well, when I asked him for some names of instructors up in my area, he was happy to accommodate.”

“Gerry’s demonstration was lively, knowledgable, and enthusiastic He has been teaching, and judging, agility for 4yrs. Gerry demonstrated with his dog, some of the more advanced manoeuvres, while providing the students his recipe for a sucessful agility dog. He gave us an overall review of the five different agility classes. His knowledge is leading edge, canine conscientious, and student friendly.”

Ben Kersen & The Wonderdogs

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